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STUDIO OYUNCULARI (THE STUDIO PLAYERS) was founded as the performance group of the ‘Studio for Actors and Art’ which was constituted in 1988 by Şahika Tekand and Esat Tekand and in the year 1990, it has earned a professional quality. The ensemble has set out with the principle of “researching and implementing the contemporary” in performing arts, especially in the art of acting. Throughout the past 20 years, the group has become one of the most remarkable theatre ensembles in the world especially in Europe with all the plays that it has performed according to the method of “Performative Staging and Acting” which is developed by Şahika Tekand.


Happy Days

  • 5th Istanbul International Theatre Festival

Five Short Plays

  • 6th Istanbul International Theatre Festival
  • 24th MOT International Theatre Festival in Skopje/Macedonia
  • 7th Balkan Young Theatre Festival in Sophia/Bulgaria
  • 3rd Mladi Levi International Theatre Festival in Ljubljana/Slovenia

Becoming a Rhinoceros

  • 8th Istanbul International Theatre Festival
  • 23rd MOT International Theatre Festival – “The Theater at the Cross Roads Towards 2000” Skopje/Macedonia
  • 6th Balkan Young Theatre Festival in Sophia/Bulgaria
  • 6th Ankara International Theatre Festival

Where is Oedipus?

  • 13th Istanbul International Theatre Festival
  • XI. International Meeting on Ancient Greek Drama by European Cultural Centre of Delphi (For Theatre Olympics) in Delphi/Greece
  • Shizuoka Theatre Festival in Shizuoka/Japan

Oedipus in Exile

  • 14th Istanbul International Theatre Festival
  • XII. International Meeting on Ancient Greek Drama by European Cultural Center of Delphi in Delphi/Greece
  • 0090 Festival organized by the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels/ Belgium
  • EX PONTO Festival in Slovenia/ Ljubljana

Euridice’s Cry

  • 15th International Istanbul Theatre Festival and 4th International Theatre Olympics
  • Toga Festival 2006 in Toga/Japan
  • MESS International Theatre Festival in Sarajevo
  • 0090 Kunstfestival in Antwerp/Belgium
  • Biennale Bonn 2008 in Bonn/Germany
  • New Plays From Europe-Biennale Wiesbaden 2008 in Wiesbaden/Germany
  • Festival Culturescapes in Basel/Switzerland
  • Wiener Festwochen (Vienna/Austria)
  • MELEZ – Festival der Kulturen (Bochum/Germany)

Fear of Darkness

  • 16th International Istanbul Theatre Festival
  • 0090 Festival in Antwerp/Belgium and Rotterdam /Holland and Brussels/Belgium
  • Saison de la Turquie en France (Paris/France)

How to Forget in 10 Steps (Anti-Prometheus)

  • Atina & Epidauros Festivali (Greece/Athens)
  • Istanbul 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti, Promethiade Projesi (Turkey/Istanbul)
  • Ruhr 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti, Promethiade Projesi (Germany/Essen)
  • 0090 (Belgium/Antwerp)
  • Sao Paulo MITsp Mostra Internacional de Teatro 2014 (Brasil/Sao Paulo)

Waiting for Godot

  • 20th İstanbul Theatre Festival
  • Toneelhuis Bourla Theatre- Antwerp/Belgium


  • ENKA Culture and Arts Days / Turkey
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