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Written by

Samuel Beckett

Directed by

Şahika Tekand


Esat Tekand

Decor Application

Nesli Kayalı

Lighting Design

Şahika Tekand

Effect Design

Nilgün Kurtar, Berke Malgaz

Costume Design

Şahika Tekand


Levent Mollamustafaoğlu

Actors (in alphabetical order)

Ayşegül Cengiz Akman, Güleser Aktaş, Anıl Doğan Albayrak, Huriye Aliefendioğlu, Cansın Asarlı, Barış Bahçeci, Mehmet Bahattin Genç, Burcu Ger, Verda Habif, Altay İçimsoy, Bilal Yiğit İnal, Betül İngin, Nazlı Deniz Korkmaz, Sema Mağara, Berke Malgaz, Can Özmen, Fadile Paksoy, Cihat Parıltı, Şirin Parkan, Elif Parlak, Begüm Sezer, Burcu Bacanak Şahin, Onur Tanyeri, Tuba Taşdan, Gizem Tileylioğlu, Esra Yıldırım, Berivan Yurtsevener, Burak Zafer

Lighting Desk Performers (in alphabetical order)

Damla Ahkemoğlu, Nilgün Kurtar

Director’s Assistants (in alphabetical order)

Damla Ahkemoğlu, Verda Habif, Bilal Yiğit İnal, Betül İngin, Nilgün Kurtar, Berke Malgaz

‘PLAY’ that was directed by Şahika Tekand at first in 1994-95 at the Studio Oyuncuları Theatre, and then in 2012 at the Istanbul Municipal Theatre, each time with a new interpretation, is once again meeting with the audience with a new staging, this time performed by the powerful cast of the Studio Oyuncuları Theatre Company.

The play written by Samuel Beckett is built upon a repetitious structure in which two women and a man trapped in an abstract space and situation are forced to speak very fast and tell about their history of an ordinary love triangle as they are illuminated by an abstract light that moves through them.

Recomposed/reconstructed by Tekand and brought in a totally different expression from its previous stagings, ‘PLAY’, is realized in a setting in which people who are censored by means of a massive and raucous pressure whenever they try to express their opinions, feelings and objections openly and are forced to make their presence felt/ exist within the limits of their small worlds only.

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