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Written & Directed by

Şahika Tekand

Stage Design

Esat Tekand

Director’s Assistants

Nilgün Kurtar, Verda Habif, Gözde Kesgin

Production Manager

Murat Ersan

Executive Producer

Duygu Bayram


Yiğit Özşener

Lighting Board Players

Nilgün Kurtar, Verda Habif, Altay İcimsoy, Gözde Kesgin

The music passages used in the play are taken from Zeynep Gedizlioğlu’s compositions.

‘CORROSION’, written by Şahika Tekand for a solo actor is a rewriting of the artist’s own Fear of Darkness that was written and performed in 2008, and celebrates the virtuosity and mastery of the actor while uncompromisingly implementing the principles of the performative staging and acting method.

The play takes place in a setting that enables a fun but also skillful stage action characterized by the actor’s actual struggle to exist in challenging circumstances. It focuses on the human being’s effort to survive against today’s world order that which limits his/her realm of existence by willingly dismissing any thoughts about the corrosion of humane values and the corrosion of his/her character. The play creates an active spectating experience through which the audience is offered a fun journey, by being invited to explore the language and structure of the performance simultaneously with the performer.

The play promises the audience a concert-like performance structured as a musical piece in which lighting, musical partitions and colorful signals accompany the flow of speech that has a spiral pattern. The choreographic structure that incorporates variety of movements including daily gestures and synthetic artistic forms translates the music of language to the musicality of movement.

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